Path to chat villages Reformed Church

Path to chat chat templomhozA villages reformed Protestant church villages in the district Beregszasz, Beregszasz and Nagyszőlős district boundary. As always Beregszász is now the starting point.

mineral water

The bottom of the Carpathian village of Shaian mineral water mineral waters home. In the county, more than 3,000 water sources are registered, most of them in Szolyva the mizshirjai the Huszt district. Dozens of these bottling plants were built, the Transcarpathian mineral waters over Ukraine get across …

The future of tourism in Transcarpathia
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Transcarpathia in the last century was one of the then Hungary legszegényegebb region. However, owing to Carpathians medicinal waters and fresh air in the richer layer was built up in these parts. Mukachevo area of the lords were Schönbornok, who built their own castle Beregvárott them. Ugocsa County, Nagyszőlős, the estates were Perényieknek. II. Rákóczi Ferencnek was also a castle in Mukachevo …

Once the venomous language “quidnunc” he mocked Csepel and the surrounding communities to “Csepel, Unpack, Heteni – is not what you eat”. Well, the former mockers would thoroughly surprised if by some miracle participate in the second edition of Csepei village days, as Hungarian goulash and Ukrainian shashlik smell would have been enough to refute the claim. But no one really storming villages and towns is not just about eating and iszomról. The csepeiek have also shown that in addition to the contents of the cauldrons very cultural delights of the seasons can also fine.

Village Day Fertősalmáson
people Fertős Apple has been organized for the fourth time at the end of the seven unforgettable days in the village. The only inhabitants of foul language called doomsday settlement proved once again that they can have a good time in the Romanian and Hungarian border very tip of the nations. Was organized in UMDSZ village day event, of course – thanks to Bíró Vencel basic presidencies organizing work – started in the mini-football championship, which participated in part of the infected stem almási border guard barracks in the town tubes, pipes team, and the infected stem almási entrepreneurs compression Sober Industrialists called formations. In addition to the farm is a kind of friendly matches, “who did what he could produce” competition took place, which was the highest honor Auntie Ócsvári Kati more than half a quintal pumpkins.

Alsókerepecen Village Day
on 16 September, the day was held in the village of Mukachevo district Alsókerepecen. The ceremony was the mayor of the municipality, Molnár Magdolna opened. Greeted the gathering and the guests, among whom there were Máté Gyula, president of the organization UMDSZ Mukachevo district, Derco mayor, Nagy György, the UMDSZ coordinator and mayors of the surrounding communities.